Link Bait: Pre-Memorial Day Edition

I may not celebrate Memorial Day in the way it was intended, but I sure love three-day weekends. This one is taking the sting out of this ridiculous heat we’re having right now.

Anyone who knows me knows I love to sing, which is why I find this article about women and falsetto interesting. Of course Slate makes sure to segue into it with a mention of Robin Gibb’s death.

Gay rights has always been an issue of interest to me, which is why I found this piece about the relationship among blacks, gays and the church especially intriguing.

Does going organic turn you into a jerk? Short answer: yes, according to Time.

Ice cream truck drivers aren’t happy with Good Humor, which is facing a shortage of some of its popular flavors. Spoiler alert: This article contains a hedcut of a Good Humor bar.

The odd tale of Nazi jazz…apparently, it was a thing.

I mentioned Zimbabwe’s use of U.S. currency a few weeks ago….Here’s some more on that.

Some cut paper messages. (h/t Colossal) Super cool, but this looks so painstaking!

These wood sculptures are unbelievably realistic. I think my favorite is the envelope filled with money.

Cute puppies
These photos of dogs sitting in cars are not only artistic but also adorable.

Here’s a video of a dog riding a bike (!!!!!!!!). 

Greyhounds, my favorite breed of dog, are becoming service doggies. Just another reason to love them.


Link Bait: Post-Birthday Edition

I’m sure only about one person is reading this, so it probably doesn’t matter that I skipped a week so early on. That explains why most of these articles are old, though. Anyway, I had an excellent 27th birthday here in D.C.

I was so proud of my former colleague for making Gawker. On Facebook IPO day, i.e. Friday, Digits tracked Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth in real time.

I touched on my feeling about running a couple of weeks ago. Knowing this, you shouldn’t expect the running articles to stop. This piece from NPR talks about the brain’s narcoticlike chemicals people get from continuous exercise and how they have helped turn people into long-distance runners.

Need an extra bed? Now you can get one made from cardboard.

I just saw this video on TV about a Korean American rabbi. How could I not pass this on? Here’s some more info about her.

Here’s the coolest stop-motion animation video you’ve ever seen. Spoiler alert: It involves kids’ games.

Want to pay $8,000 for a black-and-white digital camera? Here’s your chance.

Ever wonder why froyo tastes better from a plastic spoon or why that Starbucks beverages doesn’t taste as good in a reusable cup? This Financial Times article sheds some light on how cutlery affects flavor. 

I’ve always wondered about Toms’s buy one, donate one formula and how its marketing scheme really worked. Here’s some more on that. And here’s a little more.

Cute puppies
Dog tattoos? I’m not a fan. Makes me feel like we are using our pets for our own sick little pleasures.

Of course the dog wore it better than the celebrity.

Here’s a dog who stays on various objects. So cute!

A puppy in a hat. So fashionable.


Link Bait: Inaugural Edition

Like my friend Shakespeare & Shoes, I’ve decided to create a weekly (or sporadic) list of links and share them with the three people reading my blog, though my lists might have more pictures of puppies and fewer kool musics to listen to.
Why do I want to do this? Because (a) I love the news (and puppies), (b) I’m addicted to the Interwebz, and (c) a third thing. So, without further ado, here’s the first edition of Link Bait.

I may bitch and moan about how much I hate running, but I still find articles like this one, about how the marathon got to its current length, fascinating.

A lot more airline passengers have been leaving their iPads (or other tablet devices) on airplanes.

The Wall Street Journal has some cool hedcuts of different Kraft pasta shapes (which are patented, by the way). Oh, and there’s some interesting information you can slurp down, too.

As if I needed another reason not to shop at Urban Outfitters.

They’re not in any physical danger, but some women are resorting to feeding-tube diets before their weddings. Can you guess where this craze became popular? That’s right—in Florida.

Jacob Weksler was a Catholic priest who later found out he was Jewish. No, this isn’t a setup for a joke; as an infant during the Holocaust, Weksler’s mother hid him away to protect him. Whoa.

Zimbabwe has been using the U.S. dollar since 2009, but the country’s residents are still having trouble with the change.

Cute puppies
There’s now an OKCupid for dogs…which probably explains why they have a better social life than I do.

Earlier this month, the Atlantic Wire had an article that basically crapped all over corgis. The piece caused an uproar on the Internet, with corgi lovers everywhere barking up a storm. Case in point: this gif from the Frogman (h/t OCD).

I don’t blame you for feeling bitter about the above blurb, so here’s a picture of a corgi. I mean, seriously, how can you not love these guys?

Well, you’ve made it through this first edition. Congratulations! I may or may not lengthen subsequent editions.
P.S.  I know Sunday night isn’t the best time to publish these kinds of lists, but I just wanted to get started already.