Reminiscing over birthday ice cream

Reminiscing over birthday ice cream


Link Bait: Pre-Memorial Day Edition

I may not celebrate Memorial Day in the way it was intended, but I sure love three-day weekends. This one is taking the sting out of this ridiculous heat we’re having right now.

Anyone who knows me knows I love to sing, which is why I find this article about women and falsetto interesting. Of course Slate makes sure to segue into it with a mention of Robin Gibb’s death.

Gay rights has always been an issue of interest to me, which is why I found this piece about the relationship among blacks, gays and the church especially intriguing.

Does going organic turn you into a jerk? Short answer: yes, according to Time.

Ice cream truck drivers aren’t happy with Good Humor, which is facing a shortage of some of its popular flavors. Spoiler alert: This article contains a hedcut of a Good Humor bar.

The odd tale of Nazi jazz…apparently, it was a thing.

I mentioned Zimbabwe’s use of U.S. currency a few weeks ago….Here’s some more on that.

Some cut paper messages. (h/t Colossal) Super cool, but this looks so painstaking!

These wood sculptures are unbelievably realistic. I think my favorite is the envelope filled with money.

Cute puppies
These photos of dogs sitting in cars are not only artistic but also adorable.

Here’s a video of a dog riding a bike (!!!!!!!!). 

Greyhounds, my favorite breed of dog, are becoming service doggies. Just another reason to love them.