Photographic memories

I got my first digital camera and my first SLR camera toward the end of high school. Since then, I’ve been practically obsessed with taking photos. Before I had my iPhone, I would drag a little point-and-shoot everywhere.

In graduate school, I took a photojournalism class. Because DSLRs were expensive and because I was on a student’s budget, I didn’t spring for one. But now, ladies and gentleman (or rather, lady and gentleman), I am finally upgrading. In a mere few days, I will be the proud owner of a Canon Rebel t2i to be named Euphegenia (because I name all of my prized inanimate objects).

For old time’s sake, here are a few shots from my photojournalism days with my Canon Rebel SLR that I scrounged up on MySpace. (I knew there was a reason I didn’t delete my profile.)

Lonely little shoe
I remember thinking what a lonely shoe this was.

My friend’s reflection in the picture frame is almost like a photograph itself.

Classic boat shot

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