Link Bait: Post-Birthday Edition

I’m sure only about one person is reading this, so it probably doesn’t matter that I skipped a week so early on. That explains why most of these articles are old, though. Anyway, I had an excellent 27th birthday here in D.C.

I was so proud of my former colleague for making Gawker. On Facebook IPO day, i.e. Friday, Digits tracked Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth in real time.

I touched on my feeling about running a couple of weeks ago. Knowing this, you shouldn’t expect the running articles to stop. This piece from NPR talks about the brain’s narcoticlike chemicals people get from continuous exercise and how they have helped turn people into long-distance runners.

Need an extra bed? Now you can get one made from cardboard.

I just saw this video on TV about a Korean American rabbi. How could I not pass this on? Here’s some more info about her.

Here’s the coolest stop-motion animation video you’ve ever seen. Spoiler alert: It involves kids’ games.

Want to pay $8,000 for a black-and-white digital camera? Here’s your chance.

Ever wonder why froyo tastes better from a plastic spoon or why that Starbucks beverages doesn’t taste as good in a reusable cup? This Financial Times article sheds some light on how cutlery affects flavor. 

I’ve always wondered about Toms’s buy one, donate one formula and how its marketing scheme really worked. Here’s some more on that. And here’s a little more.

Cute puppies
Dog tattoos? I’m not a fan. Makes me feel like we are using our pets for our own sick little pleasures.

Of course the dog wore it better than the celebrity.

Here’s a dog who stays on various objects. So cute!

A puppy in a hat. So fashionable.