Link Bait: I Can’t Think of a Good Title Edition

I may have spent most of my weeknight involved with District Karaoke in some faction, but that didn’t stop me from perusing the Internet like any good addict. Here is some cool stuff I found this week.

As much as teenagers can annoy me, I have to give these girls some credit. I remember reading Seventeen when I was a kid, and while I liked the quizzes and articles, I don’t think I connected with the models. Not only could I not afford the ridiculously priced clothes (for teenagers!), but I’m sure I also felt like a monster in comparison.
Seventeen is also facing criticism for its heavily altered photos, and a teenager from Maine is petitioning for the magazine to feature unretouched photo spreads. 

Look at these awesome photos of musicians. I love the photographer’s creativity here.

This dude is going a year without the Internet. Will he make it?

There’s nothing like anthropomorphic pandas. Especially when they’re actually humans dressed in panda costumes. Thanks, Reuters.

I feel like I’m in the future when I watch this video of a Berkeley kid’s ultra-automated dorm room.

These cityscapes painted on cardboard are so freaking cool. Without the cardboard, you’d almost think they were photos!

Um…wow. Just wow.

I had to mention the fire at a karaoke facility that killed nine people and injured 10. How awful! Fortunately, I don’t think I’m in danger of having this happen to me.

Cute puppies
People aren’t the only ones who have guide dogs. Puppies do, too.

Here’s a photo of an adorable corgi puppy.

Besides that this Animals Talking in All Caps post is hilarious, it’s also really cute. And so far, it’s gotten nearly 100 repins on my Pinterest page.